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Mar 05

Significant tooth loss can’t be hidden as it leaves large gaps in your smile for everyone to see. Whether the cause was decay, injury, or periodontal disease, tooth loss will affect how you look, smile, and eat. Fortunately, there are several options available for replacing missing teeth that can help restore both the functionality and […]

Jul 26

Dental implants are one of many ways for patients to replace missing teeth in Draper, Utah. With implants, patients enjoy a reliable and long-lasting solution that helps them restore function, appearance, and overall health to their smile. These titanium posts act as natural tooth root replacements and are readily available at Chase Inspired Dentistry. Dr. Chase Larsen can educate […]

Feb 03

Your smile is part of your personality and charm. Losing natural teeth can keep you from smiling as often as you’d like. Whether you’ve lost one tooth or many, dental implants can restore your smile’s natural appearance. Teeth implants dentist Dr. Chase Larsen at Chase Inspired Dentistry in Draper, Utah, can give you the confidence […]

Jul 25

Tooth loss can affect many aspects of your life, causing you to adjust your lifestyle. You may have trouble eating and speaking, causing you to withdraw socially. You may also smile less often due to feeling self-conscious about your appearance. Replacing missing teeth with implants can restore a semblance of normality to your life after […]