Emergency Dentistry

Your mouth, teeth, and oral health are all complex things. They need a lot of care and attention, especially when things go wrong. Dental emergencies occur, just like any other type of emergency. When they do, you should know whom you can go to and whom you can trust with your teeth, oral health, and smile.

You can trust your team here at Chase Inspired Dentistry in Draper for your dental emergencies. We are equipped to provide you with the training, care, and treatment you might need when things go wrong.

What Is Emergency Dentistry?

Emergency dentistry includes any type of dental situation that needs immediate treatment to stop bleeding, alleviate pain, or save a tooth. Emergency dentistry also applies to treating severe or dangerous infections that could potentially be life-threatening.

You can trust our team at Chase Inspired Dentistry to provide you with the highest quality care and attention while we address your dental issues and fix them as soon as we can.

Types of Medical Emergencies in Dentistry

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with your teeth and your mouth. Even if you’re not sure if you’re experiencing an emergency, it’s better to be overly cautious.

If you think you’re experiencing a dental emergency, feel free to call us or schedule an appointment right away!

Take a look at some ideas below of what a dental emergency can look like:

Falling and Injuring a Tooth

Whether you were playing a contact sport or tripped and fell into something on your own, this kind of damage is serious and needs urgent care. Try to keep any bleeding to a minimum and call us as soon as possible so we can fit you into our schedule.

Do not enter back into play or just continue on with your day. If you know damage has been done to one or multiple teeth in your mouth, you need to see us.

Persistent Pain

Constant, persistent pain could be an indicator of other issues going on below the surface of your teeth. Call us as soon as you think there is a problem. While waiting for your appointment, try to locate the origin area of the pain so you can let us know where that is when you come see us.

Broken Teeth

Teeth can break for any number of reasons, but fixing them in a timely manner is vitally important. If not taken care of soon, you could leave your teeth exposed to bacteria and infections that would damage them even further.


An abscess is a pocket of pus that forms inside or underneath a tooth. They are caused by prolonged infection and can be extremely painful. Taking care of these quickly is important because if they are left unchecked, you might lose your tooth.

Tooth Sensitivity

Extreme sensitivity could indicate that there are other issues going on that you can’t see—such as a cracked tooth or an infection below the surface. Try avoiding very hot or very cold things when you eat and make an appointment to see us right away.


Infections can lead to disease and decay which can compromise your oral health and even lead to repercussions for your overall health as well. If you suspect you have an infection, don’t wait to come see us.

Knocked-Out Tooth

If you have a tooth completely knocked out, root and all, we still have a chance to save your tooth if you can come see us as soon as possible.

Be careful to handle it only by the crown—do not touch the root. The best thing to try and do is fit it back where it belongs in your mouth. If this isn’t possible, store it somewhere moist, like in a glass of milk and see us as quickly as you can.

Trust Chase Inspired Dentistry in Draper for All Your Emergency Dental Needs

You never know when a dental emergency will occur. That’s why an emergency dentist is virtually important to have at your disposal. We’re pleased to offer treatment for emergency dental situations at our practice.

Don’t hesitate to contact us when you have a dental emergency! We’re ready and willing to provide you with care that will ease the pain and fix the problems as soon as possible.

Dr. Chase Larsen, DMD EAT Bio

Dr. Chase Larsen

Dr. Chase Larsen, DMD, strives to provide his patients with undetectable cosmetic and restorative dentistry using
minimally-invasive techniques. He is a graduate of the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and completed an Advanced Education in General Dentistry residency. He loves helping patients feel confident about their smiles and teaches cosmetic dentistry to colleagues throughout the country.